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Pilot/Summoner: Insect Stag
Season: Konchū Sentai Insectenger
First Appearance: Operation 14: The Stag Hero
Last Appearance: Final Operation: The Earth's Destiny is in Our Hands
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Length: 13.6 m
Width: 6.9 m
Height: 9.9 m
Weight: 1140 tons
Speed: 700
Power: 500

Zecter #06 StagOh (ぜくた六号スタッグおお, Zekuta Rokugō: Sutaggu-ō): The Stag Beetle themed Zecter that became Insect Stag's partner.

Character HistoryEdit

Insect StagEdit

Thousands of years ago, Infarghalis attacked the Earth trying to turn it into a moon so that the Zorrema race could habitate it and rule globaly. However, Principal Insept founded an alliance to fight against the threat. 6 brave insects allowed to be modified mechanically to fight against Infarghalis. They triumphed by sealing Gummo, their leader in frozen tank called the Freezepod, and freezing totally their base.

However, in present day, due to global warming the base unfroze, and after a thousand years ofstudying they discovered that the only way to break the seal is by causing a Terror Punishment, just like the previous generation did with their previous leader: Saima, to return from the seal, and start planing their attack. The modified insects awakened and selected 5 humans to help them fight against Infarghalis as the Insectengers.

StagOh is an enlarged version of Stagger. It was created to be used to fight against enlarged Infarghalis beasts by Principal Insept, however it disappeared. It was discovered and is used by Insect Stag to fight against enlarged beastmen. Its main attack is the Stag Inmense Shot (スタッグ広大なショット, Sutaggu Kōdaina Shotto), which consists in StagOh energizing its teeth and releasing a flash that burns the enemy.Operation 14: The Stag Hero


After discovering a relationship between the Zecters and StagOh, a way to fusion them in one is revealed. The StagInsectOh is formed. StagOh makes the helmet and the rest of the body sticks at the back of InsectOh.Operation 15: Teamwork


StagOh resembles a gigantic Stag Beetle. As part of StagInsectOh, StagOh's head becomes the helmet of InsectOh. The rest of its body attaches with the back of InsectOh.


  • It has a similar design to KabutoOh's, but it is smaller, it has different alterations, it is longer, and it is silver.
  • StagOh has a yellow/orange stomach, while Stagger has a totally silver body. That is the difference between him and Stagger.