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Pilot/Summoner: Insect Yellow
Season: Konchū Sentai Insectenger
First Appearance: Operation 27: Tame of the Bee Zecter
Last Appearance: Final Operation: The Earth's Destiny is in Our Hands
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Length: 11.2 m
Width: 9.3 m
Height: 8.9 m
Weight: 1140 tons
Speed: 300
Power: 600

Zecter #10 Bee (ぜくた十号びい, Zekuta: Bī): The Bee themed lost-by-time Zecter that is used by Insect Yellow.

Character HistoryEdit

Thousands of years ago, Infarghalis attacked the Earth trying to turn it into a moon so that the Zorrema race could habitate it and rule globaly. However, Principal Insept founded an alliance to fight against the threat. 6 brave insects allowed to be modified mechanically to fight against Infarghalis. They triumphed by sealing Gummo, their leader in frozen tank called the Freezepod, and freezing totally their base.

Bee was one of the powerfullest Zecters throughout history, however, it was lost after many years. It lost al its training and became rampaging. It was located by the Insectengers. They obtained it. After analysing a connection between BeeOh and it, InsectYellow took control of it. Its main attack is the Bee Drilling that is a movement in which Bee uses its stinger as a drill to fight its enemies.Operation 27: Tame of the Bee Zecter


After discovering a relationship between the Zecters and Bee, a way to fusion them in one is revealed.  The BeeInsectOh is formed. Bee's body attaches to the back, its abdomen turns into the helmet, with its stinger acting as a drill.Operation 28: The Good Zorrema


Bee resembles a gigantic bee. As part of BeeInsectOh, Bee's body attaches to the back, its abdomen turns into the helmet, with its stinger acting as a drill, which is the mecha's main weapon.


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