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Pilot/Summoner: Insect Red
Season: Konchū Sentai Insectenger
First Appearance: Operation 6: The Return of the Ant Zecter
Last Appearance: Final Operation: The Earth's Destiny is in Our Hands
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Length: 13.7 m
Width: 7.1 m
Height: 11.4 m
Weight: 1140 tons
Speed: 500
Power: 700

Zecter #07 Ant (ぜくた七号あんと, Zekuta Nanagō: Anto): The Ant themed lost-by-time Zecter that is used by Insect Red.

Character HistoryEdit

Thousands of years ago, Infarghalis attacked the Earth trying to turn it into a moon so that the Zorrema race could habitate it and rule globaly. However, Principal Insept founded an alliance to fight against the threat. 6 brave insects allowed to be modified mechanically to fight against Infarghalis. They triumphed by sealing Gummo, their leader in frozen tank called the Freezepod, and freezing totally their base.

Ant was one of the powerfullest Zecters throughout history, however, it was lost after many years of rest. It was buried underground, and 10 centuries later, located by Infarghalis. Luckily it was foumd by Insect Red first, who became its permanent owner. He later broke the seal and arose again. It main attack is the Antenna Guns that are small bullets fired from its antenae.Operation 6: The Return of the Ant Zecter


After discovering a relationship between the Zecters and Ant, a way to fusion them in one is revealed. The AntInsectOh is formed. Ant's head makes the helmet, its thorax sticks to the front, and the abdomen to the back.Operation 7: Fighting What You Can't See


Ant resembles a gigantic ant. As part of AntInsectOh, Ant's head becomes the helmet of InsectOh, its thorax attaches to the front part of the Robo, and the abdomen sticks to the back.


  • It is an auxiliary mecha, and doesn't have the title -Oh.
  • It can be noticed there is another Zecter before Ant because Ant is #07 and ButterflyOh is #05, so it is obvious there is one #06. TRUE