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Winged Baron Marubird
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Parallel Dimension
First Appearance: Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Last Episode: Bewitchment 47: The Zenith Spell
Number of Episode
47 (Mahouranger)

2 (Movies)
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Actor: Taiki Matsuno
Intellectual Beast Armartz

Winged Baron Marubird (翼の男爵まるバード Tsubasa no Danshaku Marubādo?) is the foolish, lethal murderer who'll never doubt baron of the Jarkalot. He says that the cruelty of the world is due to the ignorance of the leaders in it, and Jark's mission was to rule the world.

History Edit

Marubird is a bluish-indigo baron serving the Jarkalot. He works alongside Urana and Gubras. Jark recluted him after destroying his original dimension. He told him that he would let him continue living if he united to his crew, prior to the series.

He was sent to the battlefield by Jark, as the second of his generals. He had to look for the Historic Power of Gaoranger, and he was about to take it from Gao Blue, but the Mahourangers stopped Card Shilion on time before he gave the power to Marubird. When the Mahourangers worked along Gao Blue they beat Marubird. The Mahourangers stayed with the Power of Gaoranger. Bewitchment 3: The Historic Power Roars!

He was given a mutational card by Gouma, which made him turn into Intellectual Beast Armartz, an indigo pawn-like demon form with the one he fought the Mahourangers many times. With this form, he was able to steal 3 Historic Powers (JAKQ - Megaranger - Changeman) at the same time. Bewitchment 33: His Name is Armartz, not Marubird

After Gouma died, Jark named Marubird his "right hand". When the Mahourangers infiltrated the Jark Worm, he battled them until Accel wounded Jark and Marubird aided him. Since then, he began scheming against Jark. When Jark followed the Mahouranger to the hideout of the Zenith Spell and stole it from them, Marubird tried to steal it but Jark paralysed him and froze him into a statue. Then using the oracle, he burned Marubird to death. Bewitchment 47: The Zenith Spell

Arsenal Edit

Marubird uses two main weapons in the show. As normal Marubird:

  • Bomb Feathers: A bunch of explosive radioactive feathers.

As Intellectual Beast Armartz:

  • Crystals of Doom: Some transparent crystals that grow from his arms and are fired towards his enemy.


  • Marubird's name comes from Akibaranger's ©Na.
    • It is a pun between the English word "bird", and the Spanish word "malvado", which means "evil".