Gender: Female
Color: Red
Season: Rokusei Sentai Epicranger
Homeworld: Earth/Doubutsu
First Appearance: Roku 1: The Six Warriors
Last Episode: Roku Finale: Goodbye, Epicrangers
Number of Episode
49 (Epicranger)
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"Winding Pegasus, Epic Red!"

Windy () is the Red Ranger of the Epicrangers in Rokusei Sentai Epicranger. She is an humanoid pegasus and has the element of air.

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Personally Edit

Windy is the brave, serious, claim, kind, and jolly leader of the Epicrangers. She likes to trust peoples and can do her best of saving mankind.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the first female Red Ranger since Karou Shiba.
  • She is the first Red Ranger to has a Pegasus-motif.