Venjix's Back
Power Rangers: Samurai Masters, Episode 32/33
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Venjix's Back is the thirty-second & thirty-third episode of Power Rangers: Samurai Masters. Its featuring the two-part team-ups between the Samurai Masters Rangers and the RPM Rangers.

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Part I Edit

After travel to an dimension, the Red RPM Ranger, Scott Truman arrives to help the Samurai Masters Rangers to stop Venjix, who made a alliance with Master Dreadax of taking over this realm.

Part II Edit

After a fight with Venjix and having the Rangers being sent to different dimensions, Ken and Scott are struck with hypnobolts, causing them to turn on one another. The fate of two worlds has now begun hanging the balance.

Plot Edit

Part I Edit

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Cast Edit

  • as Ken Shiba (Red Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Quentin Thompkins (Blue Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Iris Zimmerman (Pink Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Logan Matthews (Green Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Dani Grayson (Yellow Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Donald Gold (Gold Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Mentor Ku
  • Eka Darville as Scott Truman (Red RPM Ranger)
  • Ari Boyland as Flynn McAllister (Blue RPM Ranger)
  • Rose Mclver as Summer Landsdown (Yellow RPM Ranger)
  • Milo Cawthorne as Ziggy Glover (Green RPM Ranger)
  • Daniel Ewing as Dillion (Black RPM Ranger)
  • Mike Ginn as Gem (Gold RPM Ranger)
  • Lin Ming Hu as Gemma (Silver RPM Ranger)
  • Olivia Tennet as Doctor K
  • as Master Dreadax
  • as Octobread
  • as Daiyu
  • as Dekker
  • as ???
  • Andrew Laing as Venjix
  • as Wheelin'

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