Power Rangers: Awesome Changers, Episode 2
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Bill's Penultimate Challenge
Teamwork is the second episode of Power Rangers: Awesome Changers. It featuring the debut of the Rangers' Wild Rampage Mode, the White Tiger Zord and the Scorpion Zord, and its megazord combination; Awesome Changer Megazord Wild Striker Mode, an belief appearance of Psychohead.

Synopsis Edit

As Rad, Brock, and Bill start working together as a team, they encounter and battling an trio of three ToxiDemons know as the Rage Trio, who seek to destroy them.

Plot Edit

The Rangers begins training, Heavenizer and Hypebolt watching them training, Rad uses a Copy Card to create confusion within his teammates, Bill's able to uses his brain and so does Brock, who uses a bit of his brainpower, defeat the clones and and defeated Rad. The three returns home after training. Meanwhile, the three ToxiDemonlings, the Rage Trio, reawakening from their imprisonment and begins targeting the Red, Black, and Blue Awesome Changers Rangers.

The next day, Rad and Bill both return home from schools and encounter Brock and his dad. Than, they hear a explosion in the city hall, the three left to morph to find and battling the Rage Trio, Rad battling Ragemon while Brock and Bill battles Ragecon and Rageron.

Cast Edit

  •  ??? as Rad Addison (Red Awesome Changers Ranger)
  •  ??? as Brock McDougal (Black Awesome Changers Ranger)
  •  ??? as Bill Parkinson (Blue Awesome Changers Ranger)
  •  ??? as Heavenizer
  •  ??? as Hypebolt
  •  ??? as Leslie Stackinson
  •  ??? as Brock's Dad
  •  ??? as Ragemon (voice)
  •  ??? as Ragecon (voice)
  •  ??? as Rageron (voice)
  •  ??? as Psychohead (voice)
  •  ??? as Newswoman

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