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Spectral Scientist Gouma
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Oracle
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Zurna
First Appearance: Bewitchment 5: The Magic of the Oracles as Zurna

Bewitchment 23: The Spectral Scientist as Gouma

Last Episode: Bewitchment 42: The Book of Wisdom
Number of Episode
18 (as Zurna)

20 (as Gouma)
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Actor: Ryota Takeuchi
Dark Beast Yochara

Spectral Scientist Gouma (スペクトル科学降魔 Supekutoru Kagaku Gōma?) is the scientist of the Jarkalot. He is also known as Zurna, one of the three oracules. However, unlike Zirab he is locked inside the oracule. As Zurna, Gouma appears to be a green flash visible through the two holes in it. He is also the creator of the Card Monsters.Bewitchment 5: The Magic of the Oracles

History Edit

When he was unleashed by Jark he continued serving the Jarkalot by creating more Card Monsters using his oracule powers. He also created the Mutational Cards used by Gubras, Marubird, and Gouma himself. He also developed the Spectral Form for the Card Monsters, used first by Card Goat. It consists of an "armor" that grows from the back of the monster. It makes it stronger and faster.

He only went to the battlefield 3 times: To retreat Gubras from the impact of the Infinity Cannyon (only Urana was stroke and seemingly destroyed), to fight against the Mahourangers as Dark Beast Yochara (his mutant form), and to fight against Jark (he was slayed and finally killed).

Zurna is Gouma's origin. It is a blue ocarina-like oracule with two holes. Gouma spoke to Jark through this holes as a green light inside the ocarina. Jark obtained the cards by rubbing it. It produced a green mist as the cards appeared. When he was released he used magic to create the cards. In episode 39, Gouma locked Zirab (Nishikawa) in Zurna. In episode 45, Jark locked Madrine in it. Both of them were released by the Mahourangers.

Arsenal Edit

Gouma's main weapon is the Treacle Sword (トレクル剣, Torekuru Ken) which is a pointy sword he can use to teleport. As Yochara, he gains two nails (Yochara Rakes), in his armor that when needed turn into rake-like destroyers.