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Spectral Master Jark
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Parallel Dimension
First Appearance: Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Last Episode: Bewitchment 48: Final Challenge
Number of Episode
48 (Mahouranger)

2 (Movies)
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Actor: Unshō Ishizuka
Uncloaked Jark

Spectral Master Jark (スペクトラルマスタージャーク Supekutoraru Masuta Jāku?) is the supreme and powerful master of the Jarkalot. He believes himself as the strongest of all the wizards. His powers are a dark purple color.

History Edit

Jark is the leader of the Jarkalot. He commands his three minions at the beginning of the series: Gubras, Marubird, and Urana. He recluted them after destroying their origin dimensions. He told them that he would let them continue living if they united to his crew, prior to the series.

He found the dimension where the Historic Powers lied. They were the key to his dream of turning the "thief dimension" into a dark, evil, dangerous, gloomy, and unhappy place. He sent the first Card Monster, from his arsenal, into the battlefield: Card Tovrachad.Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns

He freed Gouma from Zurna, an oracle. He considered him a loyal servant, who created a way to evolve Card Monsters: The Spectral Mode. Bewitchment 23: The Spectral Scientist

When Gouma locked Nishikawa into Zurna, he was able to release himself and was able to retrieve the Historic Powers that Jark had stolen (Liveman - Kyoryuger - GoGoV - Flashman - Sun Vulcan - JAKQ - Megaranger - Changeman - Jetman - Dynaman - Boukenger - Timeranger). Jark began to suspect about Gouma since then. Bewitchment 39: Zirab, Where Are You?

Jark was challenged many times by his minion Urana after she was apparently destroyed. When she returned as a witch in episode 32, she stole 10 Card Monsters from him. In a battle where a mutated Gubras and Card Chimera, one of the 10 stolen were participating, Card Chimera betrayed them causing Jark to descend from his ship to destroy him, but due to his immense power Jark only turned him back into a card. He fought with all his powers and won a battle with the Mahouranger. He slayed Gouma when he arrived and tried to stab him, killing him, confirming his hypothesis of the traitor. Bewitchment 41: Jark, The Invincible,Bewitchment 42: The Book of Wisdom

When Urana and the Mahourangers infiltrated the Jark Worm, Jark was wounded by Accel in a small battle they had to get the Historic Powers. Jark used mojikara and Dark Fairies. In episode 47, Jark followed the Mahourangers to the hideout of the strongest oracle, the Zenith Spell, and stole it from them. He used it to kill Marubird who also betrayed him, by burning him to death. In a decesive battle he used it to fight against the Mahourangers. But with the combination of the Book of Wisdom's power, the Mahourangers' magic, and Urana's magic, he was finally sealed within the Zenith Spell forever. Bewitchment 48: Final Challenge

Arsenal Edit

Jark's only "weapon" is his dark purple-color magic powers. in the final episodes he stole the Zenith Spell, making it his only weapon. He also used the Treacle Sword to kill Gouma, but it doesn't count because it was instantaneous and used only once. Jark is also able to use the Historic Powers, since he could use Mojikara from the Power of Shinkenger and Dark Fairies from the Power of Turboranger.