Roku 14: To Trust No One
Rokusei Sentai Epicranger, Episode 14
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Roku 15: Eh? Pinkie Dating a Akuma Titan?
To Trust No One (誰も信用しない, Dare mo shin'yōshinai) is the fourteenth episode of Rokusei Sentai Epicranger.

Synopsis Edit

Gennosuke begins to losing his mind when a Akuma Titan causing trouble within the team by disguising himself as each of one them, one by one.

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Cast Edit

  • Windy (Voice): ???
  • Kuro (Voice): ???
  • Rex (Voice): ???
  • Midori (Voice): ???
  • Shika (Voice): ???
  • Pinkie (Voice): ???
  • Gennosuke "Gen" Hagiyama: ???
  • Diabolical Leader Devizer (Voice): ???
  • Ruthless Hunter Itami (Voice): ???
  • Brajira of the Akuma (Voice): ???
  • Imposter Titan (Voice): ???

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