Ranger Cyan
Power Rangers: Awesome Changers, Episode 11
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Ranger Cyan is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers: Awesome Changers. Its featuring the debut of Cyan Ranger's Penultimate Armor, the Whale Zord, the Turtle Zord and its megazord combination; Ocean Beast Changer Megazord.

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As Princess Dolpfinn begins training to get her own Penultimate Armor, she quickly find herself being trapped by the ToxiDemonlings, Cixor the Cyan Ninja, along with a little girl, who claim to be a fan of her.

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Awesome Cards Edit

  • Awesome Changers Red - Dragon Blade, Wild Rampage Mode, Dragon Zord
  • Awesome Changers Black - Rhino Axe/Blastzooka, Wild Rampage Mode, Rhino Zord
  • Awesome Changers Blue - Shark Lance, Wild Rampage Mode, Shark Zord, Sawshark Zord, Hammerhead Shark Zord
  • Awesome Changers Green - Hedgehog Cannon, Hedgehog Zord
  • Awesome Changers Yellow - Cheetah Daggers, Wild Rampage Mode, Cheetah Zord
  • Awesome Changers Pink - Phoenix Bow, Wild Rampage Mode, Phoenix Zord
  • Awesome Changers Gold - Golden Dragon Blade, Wild Rampage Mode, Golden Dragon Zord
  • Awesome Changers Cyan - Dolphin Hammer, Wild Rampage Mode, Dolphin Zord, Copy, Whale Zord, Turtle Zord
  • Penultimate Knight - Penultimate Sword, Penultimate Gun

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