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Power Rangers: Samurai Masters
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Number of Episodes: 46 + 2 Specials
First Episode: The Samurai Returns
Last Episode: Samurai Forever
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Producer: Saban Brands
Original Airdate: January 9, 2010
Production Order
Power Rangers: Miracle Force
Power Rangers: Samurai Masters is the eighteenth series of the Power Rangers franchise. It is an adopted of the 33rd Super Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The series airs on Cartoon Network in 2010.

Synopsis Edit

Centuries ago on ancient Japan, army of demonic monsters know as Dreadoxs attacks the surface world but only be defeated by five brave samurai warriors, with ancient samurai symbol-like powers. Than, the Dreadoxs were sealed away in the underworld where the five warriors spread out and travelled around the world. Now in the present day, the Dreadoxs risen once again and begin wrecking havoc on the city of Stone Canyon where they plan of flooding the Earth with Dreadox waters. But luckily, the descendants of the five samurai warriors band together as the Power Rangers: Samurai Masters to stop them and saves the world.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Name
Red Samurai Masters Ranger Ken Shiba > Sakura Shiba > Ken Shiba
Blue Samurai Masters Ranger Quentin Thompkins
Pink Samurai Masters Ranger Iris Zimmerman
Green Samurai Masters Ranger Logan Matthews
Yellow Samurai Masters Ranger Dani Grayson
Gold Samurai Masters Ranger Donald Gold

Allies Edit

  • Metnor Ku
  • Power Rangers: RPM

Villains Edit

  • Master Dreadax
  • Octobread
  • Daiyu
  • Dekker
  • Drakomouths

Arsenal Edit

Transformation Devices Edit

  • Samurai Morpher

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Samurai Power Disks

Sidearm Edit

  • Samurai Blade

Team Weapons Edit

  • Fire Gigasaber
  • Ocean Bow
  • Air Fan
  • Forest Spear
  • Earth Slicer
  • Slicer Saber

Power-Up Armor Edit

  • Super Samurai Mode
  • Hyper Samurai Mode

Megazords Edit

Episodes Edit

Main Episodes Edit

  1. The Samurai Returns
  2. United We Stand
  3. Mean and Green
  4. A Deal With a Dreadox
  5. Target Training
  6. Sticks and Stones
  7. To Catch a Swordfish
  8. There Go the Brides
  9. Blue with Evil
  10. Under the Weather
  11. Ken's Challenges
  12. Samurai Girls
  13. Shell Games
  14. An Unexpected Arrival
  15. Room for One More
  16. The Blue and the Gold
  17. Team Spirit
  18. Gentleman
  19. The Fateful War
  20. Journey to the Tengu Gates
  21. Samurai Samurai Masters
  22. Nightmarish Memories
  23. The Duel
  24. The Switchroo Game
  25. Something Smells Fishy
  26. The Runaway Zord
  27. Puppeteer
  28. To the Rescue
  29. The BullZord
  30. Fatherly Loves
  31. Quentin's Choices
  32. Venjix's Back, Pt. 1
  33. Venjix's Back, Pt. 2
  34. An Sticky Situation
  35. Trouble on Mako Island
  36. A Recipe for Disater
  37. Mentor's Day Off
  38. The Master Revenge
  39. A Crack in the World, Pt. 1
  40. A Crack in the World, Pt. 2
  41. Fight Fire with Fire
  42. Follow the Leader
  43. The Final Duel
  44. Evil Returns
  45. The Sealing Symbol
  46. Samurai Forever

Specials Edit

Also see Edit

  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009) - Super Sentai's counterpart.