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Power Rangers: Awesome Changers
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Number of Episodes: 100
First Episode: Awesome... Changed!
Last Episode: The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 5
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Power Rangers: Awesome Changers is an fanfiction series created by Billy2009.

Plot Edit

Long time ago, during the beginning of time, on a planet that wasn't a bit far away from Earth called Awesome, where its rule by humanoid animals know as Awesomelings, where they lives in place and harmony, until an army of demons know as the ToxiDemons attacks. Than, an group of Awesomelings able to transforms into an team of multi-colored heroes to battles them. Than, the ToxiDemons' grand emperor, Villainog suddenly mysterious transforms into a uncontrollable monster where he completely destroy Awesome where the two tribes travels to Earth to continues their neverending war. Than, the six brave warriors bravely sacrifice themselves, shorty before their mentor, Heavenizer able to sealed away the ToxiDemons in a prison box, deep below the underworld and put himself in a stasis pod.

Present day, the ToxiDemons were free from the prison box and begins wrecking havoc on modern Earth. But luckily, three humans; Rad Addison, Brock McDougal, and Bill Parkinson, were able to find the morphers and become the Power Rangers: Awesome Changers where they begins working together and battles the ToxiDemons. Later on, they gain new members, get new arsenal, encountering new allies, and battling new fearsome foes along the way.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Name
Red Awesome Changer Ranger Draco > Rad Addison
Black Awesome Changer Ranger Rhinox > Brock McDougal
Blue Awesome Changer Ranger Sharkyl > Bill Parkinson
Green Awesome Changer Ranger Hedgehog > Garfield Green
Yellow Awesome Changer Ranger Cheetai > Yin Chong
Pink Awesome Changer Ranger Windy > Pearl St. Sommons
Gold Awesome Changer Ranger Goldax >
Cyan Awesome Changer Ranger Princess Dolpfinn
Light Yellow Awesome Changer Ranger Armordillo > Sir Kon
Purple Awesome Changer Ranger Wolffy > Lady Moana
Silver Awesome Changer Ranger Falco >
Teal Awesome Changer Ranger Lizzie >
Orange Awesome Changer Ranger Eagle >
Brown Awesome Chagner Ranger Kongoirlla >
Navy Awesome Changer Ranger Rexy
Gray Awesome Changer Ranger Tricera
Lime Awesome Changer Ranger Dactyl
White Awesome Changer Ranger Tigra > Leslie Starkinson
Bronze Awesome Changer Ranger
Crimson Awesome Changer Ranger Heavenizer
Penultimate Knight Penultimate Knight
Rainbow Awesome Changer Ranger Rainbax

Allies Edit

  • Hypebolt

Villains (ToxiDemons) Edit

  • Emperor Terrorazor
  • Empress Horrorella
  • Prince Terroraze
  • Princess Horrorette
  • Psychohead
  • Goblingax
  • Dreadrella
  • Goblingax, Jr.
  • Dreadrella, Jr.
  • Commandant Plaguezax
  • General Creepbrella
  • Lieutenant Doomasect
  • Colonel Twistor
  • Demonites
  • Dreadwingers
  • Skeledemons
  • Grand Emperor Villainog

Arsenal Edit

Transformation Devices Edit

  • Awesome Changer Morphers
  • Awesomesaurus Morphers
  • Rainbow Change Belt

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Awesome Cards

Sidearm Edit

  • Awesome Sable
  • Awesome Shooters

Team Weapons & Team Blasters Edit

  • Omega Awesome Changer Blaster
    • Super Awesome Changer Blaster
      • Awesome Changer Blaster
        • Awesome Changer Blaster (Proto-Form)
          • Dragon Blade
          • Rhino Axe/Blastzooka
          • Shark Lance
        • Hedgehog Cannon
        • Cheetah Daggers
        • Phoenix Bow
      • Golden Dragon Blade
      • Dolphin Hammer
  • Awesome Changer Cannonzooka

Power-Up Armor Edit

  • Wild Rampage Mode
  • Penultimate Armor Mode

Vehicles Edit

  • Awesomecycles
  • Awesomemobiles
  • Knight Bike

Zords Edit

Main Edit

  • Omega Awesome Changer Megazord
    • Super Awesome Changer Megazord
      • Awesome Changer Megazord
        • Dragon Zord
        • Rhino Zord
        • Shark Zord
        • Hedgehog Zord
        • Cheetah Zord
        • Phoenix Zord
      • Golden Dragon Zord
      • Dolphin Zord
  • Awesomesaurus Megazord

Auxiliary Edit

Alternate Combinations Edit

  • Awesome Changer Megazord Wild Strike Mode

Episodes Edit

  1. Awesome... Changed!
  2. Teamwork
  3. Bill's Penultimate Challenge
  4. Gold and Cyan
  5. The Grand Emperor of All ToxiDemons!, Pt. 1
  6. The Grand Emperor of All ToxiDemons!, Pt. 2
  7. The Grand Emperor of All ToxiDemons!, Pt. 3
  8. Friendship Loves
  9. The Lovely Rangers
  10. The Penultimate Warrior
  11. Ranger Cyan
  12. Ranger Blue
  13. Ranger Black
  14. Ranger Red
  15. An Royal Reawakening (1)
  16. All for Eight, Eight for All (2)
  17. Ranger Green
  18. Ranger Yellow
  19. Ranger Pink
  20. Goblingax's Family
  21. Rivals
  22. The Light Yellow and the Purple
  23. Silver, Brown, and Teal
  24. Orange Powers
  25. Six Rangers United as One!
  26. An Prehistoric Reawaken, Pt. 1
  27. An Prehistoric Reawaken, Pt. 2
  28. An Prehistoric Reawaken, Pt. 3
  29. The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 1
  30. The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 2
  31. The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 3
  32. The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 4
  33. The End of the Awesome Changers, Pt. 5

Trivia Edit

  • The first Power Rangers series to start off with Red, Black, and Blue Rangers.
  • While the show taking elements from previous Power Rangers series, the series also taking elements from other Saban based series; Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix, VR Troopers, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Masked Rider, and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
  • The first Power Rangers series to have 100 episodes.

Also See Edit

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