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Naturalis Emperor Archanea
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Emperor (1st Empire)
Season: Suggaku Sentai Seitairanger
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Numeral 1: The Mathematical Squadron
Last Episode: Numeral 49: The Return of the Leaders!
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Naturalis Emperor Archanea (ナチュラ皇帝あるきねあ Nachura Kōtei Arukinea?) is the leader of the First Empire Naturalis, the first empire of a line of six empires. He is the one who created the Number Monsters and the Suggaku Army. He started the attacks at Tokyo. He also discovered the way to make the monsters larger. He is somehow related to Empress Juza from Jetman.Numeral 1: The Mathematical Squadron

History Edit

When the Rulet of Justice pointed toward the first empire, he awakened from his 200 billion year slumber, and called towards his empire. He created the Number Monsters and Suggaku Army, and sent them to cause chaos and destruction in the city.

He kept ruling his empire, failing every time. Until, he decided to go himself to the battle. He used his abilities and was winning in a fight against the Seitairanger. However, due to triggering a defeat flag he was defeated by the Symbol Bazooka.

In episode 49, he returned alongside the other 5 leaders of the empires and fought together against the Seitairanger. He was fused along with the other leaders into Empires Unificatory Gashinja, the final boss of the season.