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Magic School Enchant (マジックスクールエンチャント Majikku Sukūru Enchanto?) is a magic school located in Magi-World, where the Mahourangers, alongside many other people study and perfection their magic skills, in an attempt to increase their Rank.


Minerva Von Maholadys is the director of the school, as well as its only seen teacher. She is also the teacher of the Mahourangers. The school was made with the purpose of helping people increase their Rank as a magician. Only Rank 0 and Rank 1 are accepted in the school. When you reach a Rank 4 or higher, you can finally graduate. Bewitchment 24: Unlimited PowersBewitchment 35: Graduation From School

It was victim of multiple attacks by the Jarkalot, and once by Minerva herself, because she was turned into a Card Boar. However, the Mahourangers were always present to save it. After Urana's attack, it is unknown if it resisted, as almost all the buildings were destroyed. Bewitchment 49: The Prophecy of the Historic Powers


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