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Magic Phone Transformer MahouChanger
Used by: Mahourangers
Produced by: Alba Kizaki
Special System: Mahou Cards
Production Order
Magic Bracer GoldenChanger
"Card! Inserted!"
―Pre-transformation call[src]
"Mahou (color)! Ready!"
―Primary transformation announcement
"(series) Power! Ready!"
―Historic Power Summoning announcement
"Come forth! (mecha) Monster!"
―Monster summoning announcement

Magic Phone Transformer MahouChanger (魔法ふぉぬトランスフォーマー魔法チェンジャー Mahō Fu~onu Toransufōmā Mahō Chenjā?): The ancient cellphone holder-themed transformation device used by the Mahourangers. They can transform by inserting a Mahou Card into the screen, and close the phone, using the activation command, "Wizard Henge!" (ウィザードヘンジ U~izādo Henji?).


After the Mahou Card is inserted into the screen of the phone, the Henshin button is pressed. After that, the phrase (Magical henshin! 3, 2, 1! Go! (魔法変身!3、2、1!行く! Mahō henshin! 3, 2, 1! Iku!?) is reproduced.  At any point of the phrase, the phone is closed. When that is done, the frontal part of the closed phone shines. This releases the suit in a virtual mode. Then, it goes to the ranger, making it fully transformed. If the Eternal Wizard card is inserted, it will announce: "Eternal Wizard! Ready!".

Power SummoningEdit

When the team gets a new Historic Power, a legendary card is formed. If this card is inserted in the screen, you press the Power Button. It will say a long phrase (Legend Summoning! The Power of (series) now appearing! Go! (レジェンド召喚!のパワー(シリーズ)は今登場!行く! Rejendo shōkan! No pawā (shirīzu) wa ima tōjō! Iku!?)). Then, if you close the phone, a weapon or characteristic related to the series will appear. At the end, it will say:
"(series) Power! Ready!"
―Historic Power Summoning announcement

If you want to change into another power, you press again the Power Button, with the Legendary card in. It will say: Power Exchange! (パワー交換 Pawā Kōkan?). Then you insert the new card over the previous one (next cmpartment), and close the phone. It will repeat the previous paragraph's process. The phone can hold up to 5 cards at a time. After that, when you press any action button, the 5 cards will be released.

Legendary Monster SummoningEdit

When the Monster Button is pressed, it will say
"Come forth! (mecha) Monster!"
―Monster summoning announcement
The Monster will appear. Inside the cockprit, the Changer is sticked in a small hole. If a card is inserted in it, it can no longer be registered by the phone. It is registered with the Robo's options (Execute-Cancel-Vary, the latter being a small touch ipad screen that gives a separate menu options).
  • Execute: Can be used to generate normal actions of the MahouChanger, eg. The Combination Card is inserted and EXECUTE, makes the Monsters combine.
  • Cancel: Is used to stop the current function, eg. Used to separate MahouGreat into the 5 monsters.
  • Vary: A menu where you can access 3 other options: Separate, Demorph, Add (put other monsters into the system).


  • It is the first Changer to get disabled totally when added to the cockprit holder (those morphers who did, such as the Tensoder from Goseiger).
    • In fact, the MahouChanger is a reference to the Tensoder, though the latter wasn't disabled.
  • The Power Summoning is a reference to Gokaiger, that made the heroes transform into the past Sentai Rangers, instead of summoning just a weapon or artifact, or property.
    • Mahouranger and Gokaiger, ironically, both are anniversary seasons of Sentai (35th and 40th).
      • It could be a more exact reference to Akibaranger, that made the Ludicrous Powers into weapons of the series.


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