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Magic House

The Magic House at nightfall.

The Magic House (からくり屋敷 Karakuri Yashiki?) is the secret base of the Mahourangers.


It is located in a very concurrated neighborhood of Magi-World. It's address is unknown however. It resembles a rich-man's mansion. It has a very large yard, which the Mahourangers use to practice their magic. It has a large fountain and many large arrays of flowers and fruits and vegetables. It is a typical house in Magi-World, which works as a very good camouflage system.


It looks like a normal house, with a kitchen, a dinning room, and a living room. However, it has an iron door that leads into Alba's office, which at the same time, is the place where the Mahourangers are mostly seen. There is a crystal ball at its center where Alba can see the monster attacks, and inform the Mahourangers via the MahouChangers, which Alba has a copy.

Known ResidentsEdit


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