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Magic Bracer GoldenChanger
Used by: Mahou Gold
Produced by: Alba Kizaki
Special System: Mahou Cards
Production Order
Magic Phone Transformer MahouChanger
Mahou Boosters
"Card! Inserted!"
―Pre-transformation call[src]
"Mahou (color)! Ready!"
―Primary transformation announcement
"Come forth! (mecha) Monster!"
―Monster summoning announcement

Magic Bracer GoldenChanger (魔法ブレースゴールデンチェンジャー Mahō Burēsu Gōruden Chenjā?): The yellow-colored bracelet used by Mahou Gold as a transformation device. He can transform by sliding a Mahou Card through the opening, after pressing the Henshin Button, using the activation command, "Wizard Henge!" (ウィザードヘンジ U~izādo Henji?). This changer doesn't have a Power Summoning button.


After the Mahou Card is slided through the bracer's side, and after the Henshin button is pressed, the phrase (Magical henshin! 3, 2, 1! Go! (魔法変身!3、2、1!行く! Mahō henshin! 3, 2, 1! Iku!?)) is reproduced.  When that is done, the screen of the bracer shines. This releases the suit in a virtual mode. Then, it goes to the ranger, making it fully transformed.

Legendary Monster SummoningEdit

When the Monster Button is pressed, it will say
"Come forth! (mecha) Monster!"
―Monster summoning announcement
. The Monster will appear. Inside the cockprit, the Changer is sticked in a small hole. If a card is inserted in it, different from the MahouChangers, it can still be read. That is the reason MahouGold's cockprits are always plain, with just a hoe to place the Changer.


  • Different from the Magic Phone Transformer MahouChanger, it doesn't have a Power Summoning button, reason why he didn't get a Historic Power in all the series.
    • Its second difference is that when added to the cockprit, it can still read the cards.
  • It is called GoldenChanger because it is totally gold, and belongs to the Golden Wizard.


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