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Magi-World (マギワールド Magi-Wārudo?) is a city located in Tokyo, Japan, where many weird events concerning magic occur. It nis due to it being located under The Wormhole, an artificial source of magic, that prevailed through history. All the residents in here can use magic, and there are even schools for mastering it. There are various ranks between the power of the Wizards:
  • Rank 0: Learners and civilians. The least power ability. Almost everyone in the city is in this rank.
  • Rank 1: People who have studied in a Magic School. This level is enough to transform into a Mahouranger, and is the "ripe age" of a magician.
  • Rank 2: People with more experience. No one is known to be in this rank.
  • Rank 3: Usually teachers. Alba Kizaki and Minerva Von Maholadys are known to be in this state.
  • Rank 4: A magician who has awakened totally thanks to his bravery, honesty, and determination. This rank was obtained by the Mahourangers when they used up all their powers to defeat Card Salam.
  • Rank 5: This rank can only be obtained via the Mahou Boosters, transforming into Magician Mode. No one in the city had obtained this level, until the Mahourangers won Card Ressha's challenge.
  • Rank 6: The ultimate and legendary rank. Can be obtained only by a Rank 5 Magician. This mode was obtained by Accel, who mastered the Eternal Spell. Urana, being his dark side, also obtained it, making them the Strongest Wizards. However, Urana fused with Accel, making him obtained the Last and unique title and rank: The Chosen One.
  • Chosen One: The Legendary hero that would rule Magi-World and all the wizards in Earth.


Magi-World's location is unknown. It's only known that it is a very small city in Tokyo.


ln Magi-World, the government lives in a Palace of Justice. This palace is situated in the exact center of the city. When Accel obtained the tittle of the Chosen One, he and his friends moved to the palace to rule the city. He is the 20th governator in the palace. The pictures of the 20 past governors lie on the walls, Accel's photo is in the middle of the room.

Known Gobernors:

  • 18 predecesors - Gobernor Kameshiro
  • Accel
  • Accel's son - so on...

Known ResidentsEdit

The following are known people or beings, that live or have lived in Magi-World: