Ken's Challenges
Power Rangers: Samurai Masters, Episode 11
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Ken's Challenges is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers: Samurai Masters. Its featuring the debut of the Samurai Battlewing Megazord.

Synopsis Edit

After getting Quentin and Dani hurts during a fight with Dekker and a Dreadox, Ken left the team and begins to question of his leadership skills while the Rangers begins figuring a way of combining the Megazord with the Battlewing Zord.

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Cast Edit

  • as Ken Shiba (Red Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Quentin Thompkins (Blue Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Iris Zimmerman (Pink Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Logan Matthews (Green Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Dani Garyson (Yellow Samurai Masters Ranger)
  • as Mentor Ku
  • as Ichigou Shiba (flashback)
  • as Little Boy
  • as Little Girl
  • as Master Dreadax (voice)
  • as Octobread (voice)
  • as Daiyu (voice)
  • as Dekker
  • as Brutox (voice)

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