Kamen Rider Rainbow is a Japanese drama series in the Kamen Rider franchise. Its the 19th series in the Heisei period run and the 28th series overall. Previous: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Next: Kamen Rider Samurai

Synopsis Edit

Mizuki Tsukishiba, an 23-year-old young woman who was have a normal life. Until, she finds a strange rainbow belt where she transform into Kamen Rider Rainbow where she fights an army of demons know as Demonizer who plans on killing all of the humans and turn Earth into a homeland of all of the demons.

Characters Edit

Riders Edit

  • Mizuki Tsukishiba-Makishiya/Kamen Rider Rainbow
  • Shinnosuke "Shin" Makishiya/Kamen Rider Silver

Allies Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Villains Edit

Demonizer Edit

  • Emperor Demon
  • Deviamazon
  • Devigoblin
  • Novademons
  • Dark Mizuki Tsukishiba/Kamen Rider Dark Rainbow

Minor Demonizer Edit

  • Tapir Demonizer (1)
  • Lion Demonizer (2)
  • Bat Demonizer (3)
  • Spider Demonizer (3-4)
  • Bee Demonizer (5)
  • Scorpion Demonizer (6)
  • Mantis Demonizer (7-8)
  • Monkey Demonizer (9)
  • Ladybug Demonizer (10)
  • Octopus Demonizer (11-12)
  • Squid Demonizer (11-12)
  • Crow Demonizer (13)
  • Rabbit Demonizer (14)
  • Fly Demonizer (Kamen Rider Rainbow vs. Ex-Aid)
  • Firefly Demonizer (Kamen Rider Rainbow vs. Ex-Aid)
  • Housefly Demonizer (Kamen Rider Rainbow vs. Ex-Aid)
  • Cobra Demonizer (15)
  • Toad Demonizer (16)
  • Poison Scorpion Demonizer (16-17)
  • Cricket Demonizer (18)
  • Goat Demonizer (19)
  • Black Cat Demonizer (20)
  • Crab Demonizer (22-23)
  • Shark Demonizer (24)
  • Centipede Demonizer (25)

Episodes Edit

  1. The Rainbow Kamen Rider!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Kamen Rider series to start focus an woman who is the first female Kamen Rider who is an main character.