This article is about a/an list of episodes in Kamen Rider Kyoryu.

This list is about the episodes for the Kamen Rider Idea, Kamen Rider Kyoryu.

  1. Ep.1: Here is Kyoryu
  2. Ep.2: Lend Me Your Power, Super Tyrano
  3. Ep.3: Ideal Kidnap
  4. Ep.4: The Dreadful Power Barrier
  5. Ep.5: The Flying Demon
  6. Ep.6: Vital Ideal's Unlimited Power
  7. Ep.7: Stego Armor, Unleashed!!
  8. Ep.8: Ankylon the Hard Rider
  9. Ep.9: Solid as Ankylo Rider
  10. Ep.10: Dino-Cooperation
  11. Ep.11: French Talker vs. Kyoryu Team
  12. Ep.12: The Tactician, Streamer Ideal
  13. Ep.13: Streamer Ideal in the Shadows!
  14. Ep.14: A Happy Christmas or Not?!
  15. Ep,15: Tricera Armor, Thanks Santa!
  16. Ep.16: Fang, The Evil Rider
  17. Ep.17: Piatniski Form; Fang, Why?
  18. Ep.18: Vital Ideal's New Form
  19. Ep.19: The Curse of The Ideal Mutation
  20. Ep.20: Vital Ideal's Last Stand
  21. Ep.21: The Fall of The Empire
  22. Ep.22: The New Leader: Streamer Ideal
  23. Ep.23: Written Loss
  24. Ep.24: Bra-Bra-Bra-Brachio Armor!!!
  25. Ep.25: Differences Among
  26. Ep.26: Stego and Tyrano Showtime
  27. Ep.27: Fang, a Good Rider?
  28. Ep.28: Tri-Rex Attack
  29. Ep.29: Brachio Armor
  30. Ep.30: From Out of Nowhere
  31. Ep.31: The Shadow Countertacks!
  32. Ep.32: Wow! Fang is an Ideal?!
  33. Ep.33: Fang's True Power
  34. Ep.34: Time for Ultimate: Go Tegcerio!
  35. Ep.35: The Armada: Idla-Fighters
  36. Ep.36: Burst Attack! Idla Invasion
  37. Ep.37: Fang's Ancient Grudge!
  38. Ep.38: Den-O and Den-Liner
  39. Ep.39: Sword Clash! Kyoryu vs. Fang
  40. Ep.40: Rise of Emperor Fang!
  41. Ep.41: The Beginning of the Invasion
  42. Ep.42: Fang's Spell of Possession
  43. Ep.43: Kamen Rider UltraFang is Born!
  44. Ep.44: Remembrance of The Past
  45. Ep.45: Fang, The Poison Ideal
  46. Ep.46: The Poisonous Traitor
  47. Ep.47: Target: Ankylon
  48. Ep.48: The Powerful French Talker
  49. Ep.49: The Song of Hope
  50. Ep.50: Goodbye, French
  51. Ep.51: The Remaining One
  52. Ep.52: Ideal Battle
  53. Finale: Triumph of Glory


  1. Kamen Rider x Kyouryu: The Treasure of the Dinosaur Who Ate Helheim Fruits
  2. Kamen Rider Kyouryu THE MOVIE: Escape of the Past