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this show combines Physics of the Animal Kingdom, with a World Traveler Theme. Eli Kadoya, our protagonist is a zoologist and Cousin of Decade. He Travels through the Animalistic version of the Rider Worlds to defeat the so called, Kaizoju. The collectibles of this Show are MicroChip like things called " DNA Chargers", It can Modify Weapons,Rider Form and the vehicle called, ClawRacer which can Transform into the Mighty Tigerocerilla. Later joined by a Female Rider named Kamen Rider Hunt, who is Devouring the Monsters she fights. Together with along taging Cameos of the Other Kamen Riders, there gonna Wipe the Kaizoju out.

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Kamen Riders Edit

Kamen Rider Jungle Eli Kadoya
Kamen Rider Hunt Sora Kaijima
Kamen Rider Extinction Kai Senketsu
Kamen Rider Dark Jungle Sayor

Kaizoju Edit

Alphas Edit

Couple 1(Good) Edit

Gorilla Kaizoju Lucas
Flamingo Kaizoju Amy

Couple 2(Evil) Edit

Crocodile Kaizoju Jackson
Shark Kaizoju Barbara

Omegas Edit

Couple 3 (Evil) Edit

Tyrannosaurus Kaizoju Terrance
Mammoth Kaizoju Ellie

Couple 4(Evil) Edit

Smilodon Kaizoju Diego
Pteranodon Kaizoju Shira

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Couple 6 Edit

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