This article is about a/an villain headquarter in Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger.

The Jark Worm (1-46) is the headquarters of the Dark Magic Organization Jarkalot. It is a massive spaceship that resembles a worm rolled around a pilar. The worm is constantly rotating around it. It is impulsed by a dark-purple mist which spreads sadness and evil to anyone who breathes it. The first time the Jarkalot appeared it made the people in Magi-World start crying. Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns

In the back of the Meeting Room there are 40 transparent, empty spheres in which the Historic Powers are stored. The powers stored were the Powers of Liveman, Kyoryuger, GoGoV, Flashman, Sun Vulcan, JAKQ, Megaranger, Changeman, Jetman, Dynaman, Boukenger, Timeranger, Turboranger, and Shinkenger. Magic powers from wizards and oracles are able to take them out and place them back into the containers. Bewitchment 4: The Livemen's Historic Power,Bewitchment 8: Cooperative Powers,Bewitchment 10: The Spell of Aquamberg,Bewitchment 14: The Golden Wizard,Bewitchment 30: The Jarkalot Mutational Cards,Bewitchment 33: His Name is Armartz, not Marubird,Bewitchment 34: When a Teacher is a Monster...,Bewitchment 36: The Spectral Scientist's New Form,Bewitchment 39: Zirab, Where Are You?,Bewitchment 40: The Chosen One's Destiny,Bewitchment 42: The Book of Wisdom

Accel, Olades, Maya, and Urana infiltrated the Jark Worm in an attempt to retrieve the 2 Historic Powers the Jarkalot got after Nishikawa retrieved the first 12: Liveman - Timeranger. After Accel wounded Jark, the Jark Worm unbalanced and began to collapse, as all its passengers escaped from it. Bewitchment 45: Urana, the Wandering SpyBewitchment 46: The Goseiger's Magic