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Invasion Monarch Shou Niyuu
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Leader/Monarch
Season: Shogi Sentai AstroNauter
Homeworld: Antiverse
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TBA (AstroNauter)

TBA (Movies)
TBA (Specials)
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Actor: Gin'nojō Yamazaki

Invasion Monarch Shou Niyuu (侵略の君主サマ 将・日融 Shinryaku no Kunshu-sama Shō Niyū?) is the tactician and monarch of the Yomidan Monarchy. He plans on how to adapt the Universe for the wellbeing of Yomidans and how to attack based on the research information. He resides in the YomiCruiser manifesting when Gyo Taisen and Ku Zukken cross over each other, as a partial eclipse of the sun shape of the first.



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