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Hyakusei Sentai Go-Masters
Number: 43
Number of Episodes: 48
First Episode: Starting Challenge: The Chosen Ones Returns
Last Episode: Final Challenge: Masters Forever
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Original Airdate: February 10, 2019
Production Order
[[[Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger]]]
Hyakusei Sentai Go-Masters (translated as Hundred-Star Squadron Go-Masters) is the 43rd Super Sentai series.

Synopsis Edit

When an evil ancient army know as the Master Destroyers Empire start begins of threaten Japan after being reawaken. But luckily, they were challenged by four young humans, who happen to be the reincarnations/descendants of those who has battle with them many of years ago. Now, the four must works together of stopping the Master Destroyers Empire before they would unleashed their wrathful attacks on the world.

Characters Edit

Go-Masters Edit

Main article: Go-Masters

Red Master Kazushi
Yellow Master Shigeki
Blue Master Goku
Crimson Master Sakurako

Allies Edit

Villains Edit

Master Destroyers Empire Edit

Other Characters Edit

Arsenal Edit

Transformation Devices Edit

  • Master Changer

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon Edit

  • Master Cannon

Side Arms Edit

  • Master Sword
  • Master Shooter

Vehicles Edit

  • Master Motorcycles

Mecha Edit

Main Edit

  • Hyakusei Gattai MasterKaiser
    • Elephant Tank
    • Piranha Marine
    • Cheetah Racer
    • Phoenix Copter

Supplement Edit

  • Hawk Jet
  • Mole Driller
  • Dog Dozer
  • Tricera Truck

Alternate Combinations Edit

  • Hyakusei Gattai MasterKaiser Wing
  • Hyakusei Gattai MasterKaiser Wing Driller
  • Hyakusei Gattai MasterKaiser Dozer Driller
  • Hyakusei Gattai MasterKaiser Truck

Episodes Edit

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  1. Starting Challenge: The Chosen Ones Returns ()
  2. Challenge 2: Unite the Four Masters ()
  3. Challenge 3: ()
  4. Challenge 4: ()
  5. Challenge 5: ()

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first Super Sentai series to start off with.
    • A female Crimson Ranger.
    • Only having four Rangers in the roster.