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Frozen Leader Gummoo
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Son of the Boss / Temporal Leader
Season: Konchū Sentai Insectenger
Homeworld: Moon / Earth
First Appearance: Operation 1: The Five Fighting Insects
Last Episode: Operation 48: The Second Moon Ceremony
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Actor: Namikawa Daisuke

Frozen Leader Gummo (凍結リーダーがんも Toketsu Rīda Ganmo?) is the new leader of the Infarghalis Empire. He is the son of Ancient Leader Saima. In the past, his father fought against the time's Insectengers. They were able to cast an ancient spell that sealed him in a Freezepod, only to be reawakened by his father's minions' sons 1,000 years after.

When he awoke, his only purpose was to revive his father. He created six parasites to suck up life force and energy. The five Insectengers were the ones affected giving their lives to Saima. Gummoo stored the energy through some glasses and converted the human essence into Zorrema essence. This waves would be sent through a portal to Z-Abbys to bring him back.Operation 23: The Break of the Freezepod

When Saima revived, he took Infarghalis's throne. By the end, he performed the Monsmercury Ritual to turn Earth into a second moon. He sent Gummoo to stop the Insectengers with an army of 1000 Lichens. However, they lost against them. He informed his father their lost, angering him the much to go through his son with a sword, destroying him. Operation 48: The Second Moon Ceremony