Friendship Loves
Power Rangers: Awesome Changers, Episode 8
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Friendship Loves is the eighth episode of Power Rangers: Awesome Changers. Its featuring the debut of the Awesome Changer Blaster.

Synopsis Edit

While trying to uncover the Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers' identities, Rad, Brock, and Bill find themselves turning into the original Awesome Changers Rangers; Draco, Rhniox, and Sharkyl after a fight with Wizardemon, which cause them to forget more about themselves and less believe they are the original Rangers. Now, Goldax and Dolpfinn must find a way of how to get them back to normal before it's two late. Meanwhile, Rad, Brock, and Bill meets new kids; Garfield, Yin, and Pearl, who they think there something fishy about them.

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Awesome Cards Edit

  • Awesome Changers Red - Dragon Blade, Wild Rampage Mode, Dragon Zord
  • Awesome Changers Black - Rhino Axe/Blastzooka, Wild Rampage Mode, Rhino Zord
  • Awesome Changers Blue - Shark Lance, Wild Rampage Zord, Shark Lance
  • Awesome Changers Green - Hedgehog Cannon, Hedgehog Zord
  • Awesome Changers Yellow - Cheetah Daggers, Wild Rampage Mode. Cheetah Zord
  • Awesome Changers Pink - Phoenix Bow, Wild Rampage Mode, Phoenix Zord
  • Awesome Changers Gold - Golden Dragon Blade, Wild Rampage Mode, Golden Dragon Zord
  • Awesome Changers Cyan - Dolphin Hammer, Wild Rampage Mode, Dolphin Zord, Copy

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