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Dark Magic Organization Jarkalot
Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Led by: Spectral Master Jark
Generals and other
Notable Members:
Monster Types: Card Monsters
Base of Operations: Jark Worm
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Allies: TBA
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Snail Grunts Jrax
Coexisted with: Urana Accel
Other factions battled: TBA
Teamed up with: TBA
A representative teamed up with: TBA

The Dark Magic Organization Jarkalot (黒魔術の組織じゃかろと Kokumajutsu no Soshiki Jakaroto?) are the foes of the 2016 Sentai Idea, Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger. They are robotic demons that work with cards, like the Mahourangers, their primary enemies.


The Jarkalot Organization began when Spectral Master Jark destroyed the dimensions of Gubras, Marubird, and Urana. Causing them to surrender to his will, since he would let them continue living. Jark considered himself the strongest wizard and told them that if they didn't unite to his army, they would have the strongest wizard against them. They wandered through many universes trying to locate the Historic Powers of Sentai.

When they arrived to our dimension, they located them on Earth. The named it a "thief planet" and thus a "thief dimension". Jarkalot plans to make the "thief dimension" into a gloomy, dark, and dangerous place. To do that, Jark needs the 40 Historic Powers. It is revealed that the Historic Powers are needed to locate the strongest Oracle, The Zenith Spell which allows anything to be done permanently. Jark's goal is to become the strongest of all wizards and perform judgement on Earth.


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