Bill's Penultimate Challenge
Power Rangers: Awesome Changers, Episode 3
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Gold and Cyan
Bill's Penultimate Challenge is the third episode of Power Rangers: Awesome Changers. Its featuring the debut of the appearance of Goblingax and Psychohead, the Sawshark Zord and the Hammerhead Shark Zord and its megazord combination; Awesome Changer Megazord Ocean Slash Mode, a belief appearance of the Gold and Cyan Awesome Changers Rangers.

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Bill start to act completely serious when his best friend, Leslie Starkinson is being kidnapped by the ToxiDemonling, the Sea Hag Goblin. Meanwhile, Rad and Brock encounter Psychohead, who is sent to find a part of the ToxiDemons' grand emperor, Villainog.

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