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Gender: Male
Color: green
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Earth/Magi-World
First Appearance: Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Last Episode: Final Bewitchment: Magical Destiny
Number of Episode
50 (Mahouranger)

3 (movies)
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Actor: Tsunenori Aoki

Ben ( Ben?) is the green ranger of the Mahourangers in Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger. His powers are a light green color.

History Edit

Discovery of Powers and First Transformation Edit

Ben was one of the recluted wizards by Alba Kizaki. He had a funny, immature, and unpolite way of practicing his magic. He even caused a tree to fall down using it! He hated Olades because of his seriousness.

The Magician Mode Edit

Ben became the Magician-Mahou Green when he surpassed his trial propossed by Card Ressha, using the green Mahou Boosters.

Alliance With Urana, The Final Battle, and the Government of Magic Edit

Ben alongside Moshite and Kirika went to find the Power of Goseiger while the others went to the Jark Worm. He was able to convince Eri to give them the power. In the final battle, against Urana, Ben used all his powers to charge up a Paralysing Spell. This was used by Accel who defeated Urana by merging themselves together. After that, Ben united a council that ruled Magi-World until their death.

Personallity Edit

Ben is a funny, joker, magician who never takes things seriously. He always jokes about the situation. Though he can think of very unexpected and interesting plans. He loves curry and barbecue.

Forms Edit