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Ancient Leader Saima
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss
Season: Konchū Sentai Insectenger
Homeworld: Moon / Earth
First Appearance: Operation 1: The Five Fighting Insects
Last Episode: Final Operation: The Earth's Destiny is in Our Hands
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Actor: Namikawa Daisuke

Daisuke Gōri (in Eps 30-31)


Ancient Leader Saima (古代リーダ災魔 Kodai Rīda Saima?) is the ancestral leader of the Infarghalis Empire. He was the creator of the Zorrema race, and the Terror Punishment stadistic. The previous Insectengers were able to perform a Sealing Ritual and sealed him away. However his minions were able to cause enough terror punishments to break the Freezepod. An armada of Zorrema attacked the Earth trying to break it in two halves. However, the Insectengers destroyed Saima and the other minions, and sealed their base in an iceberg, and Saima's son, Gummo in a Freezepod. After 1,000 years, Saima's other minions' sons were born and grew wild and vengefully, seeking for Gummoo's return. Operation 1: The Five Fighting Insects

Gummoo, when revived created six parasites to suck up life force and energy. The six Insectengers were the ones affected giving their lives to Saima. Operation 23: The Break of the Freezepod

He later on, evolved by fiercefully sucking up life from humans and his minions, to the point of consuming Younam. He converted in a wild beast, the strongest Zorrema ever. He took the throne of Infarghalis and ruled it as a thyrant. Operation 30: The Return of the Ancient Leader

By exhasperation, he ended with his own son, Gummoo. He performed the Monsmercury Ceremony in which he turned Earth into a moon. Anyway, he was defeated by a Zecter-Timewarp powered OmegaInsectKing, ending with the Infarghalis Empire. Final Operation: The Earth's Destiny is in Our Hands